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Up Tuparna Sengupta and Satyajit Rena’s son remembers Soumitra: He enthusiastically celebrated Bengali culture

When Says Tuparna Sengupta nails her head, she says that the presence of Soumitra Chatterjee has become a “habit”. “His legacy must be celebrated because he gave his all to the film industry. When we mourn his death, we will celebrate. [his life], Says the actor who has collaborated with P te actor on many occasions.

Chatterjee, another victim of Kovid-1 of, breathed his last yesterday at the age of 85 following a fight against the virus. Dadasaheb Phalke confirmed the death of the recipient Thespian, where he was undergoing treatment, through a bulletin from the Belle vs. Hospital in Kolkata. We heartily announce that Mr. Soumitra Chattopadhyay breathed his last today at 12.15 pm at Belle v. Clinic. [November 15]. “We pay tribute to his soul,” read the hospital’s statement.

In an event of 2018.  Peak / AFP
In an event of 2018. Peak / AFP

Guided by Satyajit Ray, Thespian will go down in history as a leading part of the Bengali film industry. “Uncle always gave a lot of inputs, and my father gave him the freedom to do so because he liked it. He will constantly think about his roles and manners,” says Renao’s son, Sandeep Ray. After the death of the writer-director, Chatterjee visited him on his birthday.

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“Kaku’s favorite role was that of Pujari Gangacharan in the Asha Hani crisis, and Apu of Apur Sanskar. I am fond of Aranyar day and night and Charulata. She will become one with the character. He also started painting, later. He had exceptional memory, and was gifted and learned. At the same time, he was polite and affectionate. “

Sandeep Ray and Turup Sengupta
It Tuparna Sengupta and Sandeep Ray

Apart from being a part of Renee’s 14 films, Chatterjee also worked with other great players – Mrinal Sen, Tapan Sinha and Tarun Majumdar. He also made his presence felt on stage as an actor, playwright and director.

Suman Mukhopadhyay’s play has featured Shakespeare’s King Lear as a standout in his theatrical career which has earned him national and international acclaim.
He also wrote more than 15 plays and directed more than 30 stage productions.

Sengupta remembers him as someone who was fluent in the English language, but celebrates the ferocity of Bengali culture. “His world revolved around Bengali culture, and he read, wrote and performed [plays] In language. He was an ocean of knowledge and was acquainted with poems including the works of Rabindranath Tagore and Jivananda Das. “

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Famous movies

Incomplete world

Incomplete world
The third and final installment of Satyajit Ray’s Apu trio was marked as the screen debut of Chatterjee, who also offered to play the role while he was at the university. At the beginning of Kiran, Ray thought he was too tall to play as a teenager, but he was later appointed.


Based on a novel by Samaresh Basu and featuring Chatterjee, the film will shed light on the mental health challenges of the immature Sujit, who has been cleverly portrayed by him.

Teen Bhuvaner Pare

Teen Bhuvaner Pare
Widely considered a turning point in his career, Ashutosh Bandyapadhyay’s film saw him as a working class striving to meet social expectations.

A sign of hope

A sign of hope
As the face of the collective struggle of Indian citizens following the Bengal famine of 1943, the unrest sign-actor Chatterjee struck more weight than his weight to do justice to his role.

Sonar banana

Sonar banana
Despite the creation of Satyajit Ray, the venerable fictional private investigator became synonymous with Feluda Chatterjee. Sonar Kella introduced Chatterjee into the hearts of Bengalis throughout the ages


An excellent story exploring the relationship between father and son, Atnu Ghosh’s creation was one of Chatterjee’s most recent works, and saw him as a professor of old history.

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