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Tulsi Kumar poured his soul into rock-bellied solitude

Tulsi Kumar is at the height of his career as the artist delivers consistently back-to-back hit music during this challenging lockdown period and gives his fans a lot to look forward to. Her latest collaborators like Naal, Zara Thero, Naam, who starred in the popular music space in 2020, were much loved by the audience. The popular singer now presents his new single ‘Tanhay’ very close to his heart which comes under pop-rock style. The T-series and musician duo Sachet-Parampara, who performed rock ballad songs in the industry with Kabir Singh’s Bekayali, brought a more intense song Tanhai with Syed Quadari’s songs in the same style.

It took 4 months for the new side of Tulsi Kumar’s personality to make the audience an audience. A music video featuring raw, real and emotional, featuring Tulsi and Zain Imam and directed by Sneha Shetty Kohli, Tulsi is seen evolving as an artist and as an artist, a range of emotions ranging from happy, sad to intense. The singer himself conceived the video and so it can relate to the character of the video and draw emotions from his own experiences as an artist. She actually went through a prep session and attended a workshop to make her character of the song come true. So apart from the stellar sound, the audience can also expect a power-packed performance from Tulsi as an artist.

As a song Tanhai is very close to the heart of Tulsi as it relates to almost every situation of our life, as we all go through problems at different stages and can feel lonely at a given point, but even at our bottom we have to stay strong and positive . Life is the best teacher and every moment is a ready opportunity to get used to its full potential. Talking about the song, Tulsi Kumar says, “Independent music gives the artist the creative freedom to define himself. I wanted to do something that is in a very different and unique space, full of something touching songs but at the same time Aap Aavi – He is related to today’s youth. Sachet-Parampara understood my vision and he managed to become ‘Tanhai’. They are both very talented and our power and vibe really match so it was an experience to work on this song. .With them as a team. “

He goes on to say, “When you sing for a film you sing for a character but here instead of independent music, you are a character and as an artist you also have the freedom to be creative in how and what you want to express. When I decided to do this single, there was a thought process in my mind and in the visualization of the video. So, from its creation, to the imagination, to the actual filming, I was personally involved in every aspect with me. That’s why loneliness is so close to my heart. “

The composer Jodi Sachet-Parampara adds, “Loneliness has been a journey for us. Every song, we do, we put our heart forward on the creation and put the rest on the audience to decide. In this song we have presented Tulsi Kumar in a very different way. As far as we know, we have all never seen him in this hard rock incarnation … He has had a wonderful learning experience and many ups and downs while composing this song. With the big vision of Bhushan Sar, the beautiful songs of Syed Quadru Ji, the vocals given by Tulsi Kumar and our music, we will make Tanhai a landmark.

Director Sneha Shetty Kohli says, “Needless to say, I had a lot of time working with Tulsi. Working with an artist with a vision is always amazing. My job was to transform her vision into something beautiful on screen, so that what people give us to see our work connects and brings to life the minds of the artists for 5 minutes. Working in solitude was also a new way for me as I have known my previous videos for my hardcore commercial dance videos. Loneliness is a soulful journey for everyone who is in love with each other. ”

Bringing another intense song after Bekhayali, Bhushan Kumar of T-Series said, “The rock ballad style is still new and new in the Indian music scene and ‘Tanhai’ will definitely make the genre more popular. The entire team of Sachet-Parampara, Tulsi, Syed Quadri and Sneha have brought loneliness to life with their hard work and passion. ”

Tulsi Kumar’s new single ‘Tanhai’ has been released in the T series. Directed by Sneha Shetty Kohli, the pop-rock song features Tulsi Kumar and Zain Imam. With songs by Syed Quadri composed by Syed-Parampara, ‘Tanhay’ is now out on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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