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This is how Maggi was born out of compulsion, now you earn so much in a year that you will be shocked

Today, everyone is familiar with Maggi, which is ready in two minutes. Everyone from young children to the elderly are obsessed with it today. Although very few people know when Maggi was born. Who named the noodles ‘Maggi’ when they were ready in 2 minutes? Despite all the controversy, why wasn’t Ben? How has Maggi become the favorite of millions today? Let us know the whole story behind Maggi.

Julius Maggi, who lived in Switzerland, named the company Maggi after himself in 1872. Experts say it was the time of the Industrial Revolution in Switzerland. At that time women had to go home after working in factories for a long time and cook in less time. In such a difficult time, the Swiss Public Welfare Society enlisted the help of Julius Maggi, and Maggi was born out of compulsion. Julius, meanwhile, named the product after himself. Thus his name was Julius Michael Johannes Maggie. Maggi noodles were first introduced in Germany in 1897.

According to a report, Julius Maggie initially started eating protein-rich foods and making and selling readymade soups. Friedolin Schuller, a physician friend, helped him a lot in this work. Maggi, which will be made in 2 minutes, was much loved by the people. By the year 1912, Maggi was in the hands of people from the United States and France, but in the same year, Julius Maggi also died. His death also affected Maggi and for a long time his business was slow. Then in 1947 Nestle bought Maggi and the branding and marketing brought Maggi to every home kitchen.

In 1947, Maggi merged with the Swiss company Nestle. Then Nestle India Limited brought Maggi to India in 1984. At the time, no one thought that Maggie would become the favorite of millions, but it did happen. Everyone liked the product that would be made in minutes. Nestle India spends about Rs 100 crore on advertising, with Maggi having the largest stake. Maggi is one of the most valued brands in India. In fact, the well-known Swiss company is a subsidiary of Nestle, but most people consider Nestle to be less of a Maggi than the original brand.

For the first time in the 80’s, Nestle launched noodles under the Maggi brand, which became the best snack option for urbanites. In India, the company entered the market with noodles. Although not as miraculous as other countries, the lifestyle began to change over time and Maggi, which was ready in 2 minutes after 1999, became a necessity in every home kitchen.

Nestle also launched many other products under the Maggi brand. It has products like soup, bhuna masala, maggi kappa mania instant noodles. 90% of Maggie’s products in India are specially made with India’s diverse culture in mind and are not found in the rest of the world. The Maggi brand accounts for about 25 per cent of the Nestle Group’s total profits in India and the annual figure has reached over Rs 1,000 crore. Now there are half a dozen new brands in this market. Most of them have their own brand of retail chain.


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