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These tips will help keep your heart healthy | These tips will help in keeping the heart healthy, just have to do this work

New Delhi This was a very stressful situation for the people trapped in the house due to the long period due to the lockdown. Young people are also paying attention to health while doing work from home. The elderly are also not conscious of their health. During this time, the risk of cardiovascular health may increase. In such a situation, people of all ages should follow these rules at home to ensure their health.

Create a routine
At this time, make a routine, and keep following that routine. This routine should include getting up on time, sleeping, eating. You should also take adequate amount of rest. This keeps the heart healthy.

Take the right diet
Diet is a good thing to keep heart health healthy. Say junk food bye-bye, and eat green vegetables. There should also be no shortage of water. Red meat can also be consumed.

Adopt digital mode
In the era of Corona virus, social distancing is very important, so you must adopt digital mode. For example, use video, zoom conference and group video only. Also take a virtual learning class.

Quit smoking and drinking
Smoking and alcohol consumption are very fatal for heart and lung patients. In such a situation, its effects are seen even among ordinary people. This also weakens the immunity system.

Do not let the weight gain
Healthy body structures are helpful in checking your heart and reducing the chances of other diseases. So do not let the weight gain and take proper care of the diet.

Keep working
Try walking for 30 minutes daily. Try a light workout in a routine. This keeps the body active. Also include exercises like dancing.

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Take a break between work
Although work is necessary, it does not mean that you do not give rest to your body. Taking a break in the middle of work increases body energy. With this, the heart also works properly.

seek medical attention
As soon as there are health problems, do not be careless. Such as chest pain, bad breath, swelling of the feet and dizziness, then it can be cardiovascular diseases.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)



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