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These home remedies will give relief from piles problem. These home remedies will give relief from piles problem, will get relief from pain

New Delhi Piles is a very painful disease. People are hesitant while telling about this beamare. Symptoms of hemorrhoids include pain at the time of bowel movement, bleeding, anal mucus leakage, pain near the anus, swelling, lump or wart formation, itching, etc. There are many reasons for having Piles. Excessive stress during constipation, constipation, obesity and increased pressure in the veins of the anus during pregnancy can also occur. This disease is created in obesity because the pressure on the muscles of the anus also increases as the pressure inside the stomach increases.

Hemorrhoids are called blood vessels in the rectum and anus. The condition of inflammation in these blood vessels is called hemorrhoids. This disease can also be relieved by these home remedies.

Mixing a pinch of salt and a quarter teaspoon of celery in a glass of buttermilk or whey can be relieved by taking piles everyday.

Mix one teaspoon of Isabgol husk in warm water or milk in a glass. Then drink it at bedtime. This will give relief from pain during bowel movement.

Along with piles, Haritaki is also used in the treatment of other diseases. It gives great relief in dry and bloody piles. To relieve pain and swelling, drink one teaspoon of Haritaki powder three times a day with milk.

Papaya is a very economical fruit for relieving constipation and bloody piles. Papaya contains the powerful digestive enzyme papain. Which removes this disease.

Castor oil
Castor oil helps in softening the stool. This reduces the pressure on the veins in the anus part. With this, take one spoon of castor oil with milk every day at night.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)


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