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These foods can be dangerous for people with anxiety and stress | Do not eat this food when you are under stress, otherwise it can be fatal.

New Delhi Stress and anxiety we feel many times in life. To get rid of this, we also consult exercise, yoga, walking and doctor. But do you know that some food and beverages are also such, which are helpful in relieving anxiety and stress. We will tell you about such substances, that when you are troubled by anxiety and stress, then you should stay away from them. Because these substances adversely affect the level of sugar in our blood.

Sweet drinks
Increased sugar level increases anxiety and stress. So do not consume sweet drinks. There are also some fruits, which have sufficient fiber in their juice and the amount of sugar is also less or not at all. But low-fiber food or beverages can also increase sugar levels.

A drop in blood sugar levels increases the chances of developing feelings of anxiety and anxiety. The biggest reason for this is smoothness. Which is a great source of energy and nutrition. Smoothness should be reduced in fruits and vegetables.

Cakes & Cookies
Foods that increase the amount of sugar in the blood are far from. Because anxiety is increased due to its effect on blood sugar level. Do not eat cookies, pastries and cake foods. At such times, you should eat fresh fruits.

Alcohol has an unfavorable effect on blood sugar levels, which can increase insomnia. People think that alcohol helps to calm the nerves of the body, but this is not true. Alcohol can cause lack of water in the body. Anxiety and stress can increase further due to a hangover.

Do not drink caffeine
Concerned people should not drink caffeinated beverages. Like coffee, tea and energy drinks, caffeine activates adenosine receptors in the peripheral and central nervous system, which further worries.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)


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