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The fruit that is made from native liquor will make its benefits surprised, in these dangerous diseases ‘Ramban’

new Delhi: Today we have brought the benefits of mahua for you. Mahua tree is very important for the tribals. The tribal people use mahua not only for food but also as fuel. Have you ever heard the name of Mahua, if not then in this article today we are going to tell you about the benefits and disadvantages of Mahua, because the more tasty it is in eating Mahua, the more it is beneficial for health as well. .

Mahua’s specialty
Mahua bark is used in chronic bronchitis, diabetes mellitus and bleeding. Leaves of mahua are used as a medicine for arthritis and piles. Its root is very effective in swelling, diarrhea and fever. The special thing is that Mahua can be dried and stored for a very long time. Once it dries, it can be used for years.

What is found in Mahua?
Mahua is rich in carbohydrates, fat, and protein as well as calcium, phosphorus iron, carotene and vitamin C. Being filled with so many nutrients, there are many benefits of eating it.

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Drink bark juice and oily oil in arthritis
Many people get upset due to arthritis disease. Neither can walk well nor do any work. In such a situation, the bark of Mahua is very effective in treating arthritis. Boil the bark of Mahua and drink its juice. It not only reduces the pain of arthritis but also reduces the swelling and stiffness that has come in. Also, grind the seeds with mahua flower, root and bark and cook it in mustard oil and massage it on the joints. It can be relaxed soon.

Toothache will disappear
If you have a toothache or have tonsillitis, you can use Mahua bark. You must first grind the bark of mahua, then mix it with the boiling water. Rinse with this water and apply the juice on the teeth and gums. This will give you a lot of rest.

Get rid of a cold
Consuming mahua provides relief from the problem of colds and phlegm. People who have problems with bronchitis or phlegm in the lungs must drink a decoction of Mahua’s bark. Also, include mahue in some form or the other. By doing this, you can get rid of such problems soon.

Helpful in killing stomach worms
Consumption of mahua is helpful in killing the stomach worms. Babies often become worms in the stomach. In such a situation, give them a decoction of mahue bark and feed the mahue bread, then insects die. In addition, if you have diarrhea or indigestion, drink the juice of the bark of your mouth, it provides relief.

‘Amrit’ occurs in diabetes
Mahua is not less than nectar for diabetes patients. The bark of mahue acts like nectar against diabetes. However, diabetic patients should not use Mahua flower.

Wine is made from mahua
Desi liquor is made from Mahua. When the fruit of Mahua ripens completely from the tree, it falls. After that this fruit is dried completely. After this, all the fruits are mixed with water in a pot and soaked for a few days. After that, that pot is heated on fire and the steam that comes out when heated, is collected by pipe in another vessel. When the steam cools, what is found in liquid form is alcohol. It is said that if raw liquor is consumed in the form of medicine, then the body benefits, while excessive consumption can also make the body useless ..

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Disclaimer: This article has been written for general knowledge. Before taking anything, you must consult the doctors or experts.



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