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Tech that has changed music for musicians

Salim merchant

Music-streaming is ranked among the most progressive successes in the world. The ability to remove physical CDs, devices and players has made it easier for people to enjoy music than ever before. Also, the fact that people can only make calls on their devices [using artificial intelligence software like Siri and Alexa], And playing their favorite music, and having their playlists curated for them, is definitely an important development. If this new technology works, it will develop significantly.

Vasuda Sharma

Vasuda Sharma

We’ve seen the evolution of music since the time when having a walk-in commune was a luxury, moving around with music on a small device like an iPod. Today, there are many apps that allow musicians like me to record full sound [sections] Without the need for equipment, as it has all the features. Many apps also feature background noise removal, enabling you to record live with clear sound quality there.

Shriram yer year

Shriram yer year

Software software that enables people to remotely access another person’s computer with a simple PIN has changed the way we work. Sitting in Himachal Pradesh, my sound engineer can record my singing, wherever I am. Singing and recording together is a challenge because it is a blessing. I was also amazed to see how the video calling gender increased. I can teach my students online, and guide students around the world.

Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya

The music for my first film was recorded on a two inch long tape. So, it’s surprising to consider the things that are currently happening in sound designing. I never would have thought that recording on the phone and in settings outside the studio could show promising results. But, today, songs recorded at home are better than songs recorded in a big studio on the phone. Technology has enabled us to do that. I am always keen to ensure that the melody of the song and its spirit are destroyed while using technology. So, I like to jam face to face with my musicians. But then, we use the best technology available.

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