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Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari: Fatima Sana Sheikh shares 90s nostalgia

As much as she has enjoyed the peace the Dharamshala has given her in the last two months, Fatima Sana is itching to return to Mumbai on time for the release of Sheikh Surej Pay Mangal Bhari. He admitted to missing watching movies on the big screen during the lockdown, the only thing on the actor’s to-do list. He announces, “I’m tired of watching movies on a laptop, and going to the theater to see a movie.” Starring Manoj Bajpayee and Diljit Dosanjh, it is the first Bollywood offering fur to attack Meli after the epidemic.

Founded in comedy in the 90s, director Abhishek Sharma seeks to capture pre-social media innocence. This spirit haunts Seth who believes that romance in those days – when ghosting was not discovered as a word in the dating dictionary, and the concept of the right swipe was alien – had its own charm. “I’m a 90’s kid. I remember talking to the boys on the landline, pulling the extension wire to my bedroom so no one knew about it. We didn’t have a mobile phone or WhatsApp; instead, we waited. Then be patient [from our crush]. Now, thanks to the convenient dating apps. But I don’t know how many people get seriously involved after meeting on these apps. “

Diljit Dosanjh
Dosanjh plays his love interest in comedy

After attempting drama in Dangal (2016) and Thugs Hind f Hindustan (2018), the actor is excited to try his hand at comedy. He says, “I have a bad sense of humor, and silly jokes. But I was surrounded by my brilliant artists, who helped me improve my ridiculous time.”

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