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Sun Pay Mars Heavy Review: Another Unforgettable Med

Sun Pay Mars Heavy
U / A; Come Come Medi
Director: Abhishek Sharma
Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Diljit Dosanjh, Fatima Sana Sheikh
Rating: Rating

Actors should have something about choosing the difficult parts that challenge their overview. A week ago, we saw Akshay Kumar in the role of a ghost-buster, with a transgender spirit in the horror-comedy Lakshmi. Fans have been amazed ever since they saw her wearing a red sari wearing bangles and bindi. The fact that it became a huge mess of a film is another matter.

Now we get Manoj Bajpayee as a spy-in-disguise to expose men on the brink of his Philander and infamous wedding in this week’s Suraj Pay Mangal Bhari. But director Abhishek Sharma keeps the pictures in the hands of Diljit Dosanjh. For viewers, it is the victim (Sun) and Bajpayee is the poison (Mars). He uses ‘iya yari’ (mastery of dress) to protect women from insolent men.

It’s a comedy where two men won’t stop at anything to beat the other, where their attempts to defeat Nemesis are futile and frustrating. From David Dhawan’s Come Madi Diwana Mastana to Milan Luthria’s taxi number 9211, the two men are fighting against each other for both love and suicide, which is now beginning to fade. Sun Pay Mars performs one of the coolest romances of recent times, with heavy, boring lines and boring songs.

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However, based on the year 1995, when Bombay was on the verge of becoming Mumbai, we will hardly buy into the details. In one scene, Dosanjh and his friend Phool Kaar Kante are watching Zee Cinema with the channel’s new logo, and in another scene, Bajpayee is playing wrestling cards with the children of his colony with the WrestlingMania 35 logo that aired last year. Focusing on detail is not the strength of the film.

Dosanjh’s captivating and lively presence is overpowering and impressive due to the filmmakers’ enthusiasm to play the role as an enthusiastic Punjabi boy with a permanent foothold in Punjabi. After the terrifying Arjun Patiala and the entertaining Good News, it can be difficult for people in the industry to move on from the glorious person of such a capable and more qualified actor. Perhaps they should revisit the remarkable restraint displayed in the flying Punjab and Phillauri.

Bajpayee’s performances often do more work for him than he did for films and sadly he is no exception. We would appreciate the idea of ​​going over all the bona fides of a film that barely does justice to his un-barrier and his incredible talent, unfortunately, uncontrolled writing comes this way. Supriya Pilgaonkar, just two years older than Bajpayee, plays her mother and it is difficult to buy this casting bug. Still, there’s a scene where she says people think she’s her younger sister, just to dismiss this abuse.

At best, Vijay Raz, as a man of perfect defense, laughs a little at his daddy de na behavior, as he has in his career. Its entry occurs at a time when the film is already boring and drowning in the throat. It is a shame that reliable and shining actors have been linked for this dull film. The film with the sun on his name should be nothing but pale.

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