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Statewide Ta. Animal Welfare Fortnight will be celebrated from 14th to 21st January


According to the press release of Gujarat government, like every year in the state, this year also Animal Welfare Fortnight will be celebrated from 14th to 21st January-2021. Under this, various public awareness programs will be organized across the state for the welfare of abol animals and for the love for them. During the Animal Welfare Fortnight celebrations last year, more than 1.16 lakh abalone animals were treated and all of them were cured. Considering the situation of COVID-19, the entire celebration program will be held with strict adherence to the guidelines of the state government, said the Gujarat Animal Welfare Board.

Explaining the work done in animal welfare during the celebration of Animal Welfare Fortnight in the year 2020, the Board said that during Animal Welfare Fortnight 2020, about 450 ‘Animal Treatment Camps’ were set up in which 1,16,527 animals were treated. In addition, 2,417 animals were vaccinated and 1,816 animals were neutered. While 4,590 unclaimed, sick and injured animals were treated free of charge. As many as 281 animal welfare organizations visited during last year’s Animal Welfare Fortnight celebrations. In Animal Welfare Fortnight 2020, 50,828 animal treatment institutes contributed. Also 68 animal welfare gram sabhas were organized. He further said that at least two veterinary treatment centers will be opened by SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) under Karuna Abhiyan-2021.

The main objective of the Gujarat Animal Welfare Board is to carry out activities including welfare of all animals, animal welfare activities, release of animals as well as protection of animals. The Animal Cruelty Prevention Committee constituted by the Animal Welfare Board is functioning in 33 districts.

By organizing public awareness programs throughout the fortnight, the Board will educate the citizens about the use of cow dung and urine in cowsheds, biogas, vermi composite, bio-pesticides, organic soaps, incense sticks and Panchgavya herbs. Surgical Camps, Infertility Prevention Camps, Ataribis Control Program as well as Training Camps have been included by various organizations in the celebration of Animal Fortnight. Discussions about animal welfare and love for animals, kindness, oratory competitions will also be organized by schools, colleges, girls’ education societies as well as gram panchayats and nagar panchayats. People will be sensitized to free the animals from exposure to cold, heat and rain for a long time and steps will be taken to prevent intentional cruelty. During the fortnight, it will be suggested to visit animal welfare organizations and treat animals kindly.

If the health of stray animals is harmed by eating plastic bags, in some cases there is a possibility of death of the animal. Emphasis will also be given to the citizens to ensure that they do not throw household waste, overcooked kitchen food or plastic bags on public roads. Special care will also be taken to ensure that stray dogs are not treated cruelly. During the fortnight, free treatment will be provided by every veterinary officer and veterinary inspector if any sick or injured non-living animal is brought by Jivadaya Institute or any person.

Apart from printing various posters for public awareness by the Gujarat Animal Welfare Board, during the animal welfare fortnight camps organized at the village level, publicity will be spread to create awareness about the implementation of the ban on killing of cows. In addition, activities will be carried out urging the people to plant a large number of trees suitable for birds such as purple, neem, pipal, shimla. In this program, sufficient efforts will be made to bring awareness about the misuse of ‘oxytocin’ injection, as stated in the list of Gujarat Animal Welfare Board.



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