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‘Soumitra Chatterjee was known for evening aids after the shoot!’

Sharmila TagoreI still vividly remember my first meeting with Soumitra during the shooting of Apur Sansar (1959). Since it was our first film, he asked me if I was nervous, and I – then a schoolgirl – replied confidently, “At least not!” He was an ice breaker. I believe that the apur samsara humbly depicts youthful romance. In one scene, my character [Aparna] He gets so involved in watching a mythical film that he bursts into tears. Soumitra’s character [Apu] He stops laughing to see how the scene affects his wife. Rubies [Satyajit Ray] The understanding between husband and wife is beautifully shown through that simple scene.

We continued to do a lot of films together, and enjoyed working with Soumitra every time. He was encouraging, and I learned a lot from him. Every moment spent with him was an opportunity to learn. He was well-read, and he did not limit himself to movies – he wrote and recited poetry, wrote plays, and acted in them. A true artist, he enjoyed expressing himself through various creative forms. She was an inspiring person because she had a positive mindset and avoided making decisions. He made the most of everything he had to offer in life.

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Soumitra Chatterjee.  Peak / AFP
Soumitra Chatterjee. Peak / AFP

Soumitra Was not a star like his contemporaries; He kept the actor alive. What I really admired about him was that he would constantly work towards improving his skills. He was known for his AIDS the evening after the shoots. While we were filming Abar Arnay [2003] In North Bengal, we would gather every evening and listen to Saurashtra and Subhendu Chatterjee as they discussed a wide range of topics. It was a pleasure to hear someone read so well and skillfully. I wish I had recorded that conversation!

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