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Sniper: Shawn brings a new incarnation for his fans

After releasing us from his intimate voice in numerous movies and albums, the voice of Bollywood romance Shaan has given a new incarnation to his fans. Shaan’s latest single ‘Sniper’ which was released on November 11, will portray the singer as a stylish and savvy gangster. The track feels like a new age club and is the perfect party starter. Sniper has all the creations of Chartbuster at the end of the full year.

The video, which also features the beautiful Sonali Raut, was shot in Goa pre-lockdown and has all the elements that make a popular party destination famous. The video manages to capture the essence of glamor and the whole intrigue and is the perfect song for the upcoming party season.

Check out the song here:

Shannon, who is primarily known for his romantic and confident numbers, wanted to ‘out of the box’ with a sniper and get a new look and feel on the track, a way to break the strangeness expected from him.

Commenting on this, Shaan says, “The track has the feeling of a new age club, a party starter and Lingo is very young and curious. The storyline of the video was decided and Mehul (director) was forced to play. Part .. M Saying it would be something different from my previous looks and videos. And hey, I’m 48 years old, and I never thought I would, although I admit I was a little upset at first, (all the bikinis-models around me) Heck .. it’s a ‘Gangata Pool Party’ .. and at the same time the world has moved on as I look around me .. and I want to, “

In this regard Sonali added, “I initially thought it would be a romantic song as it was with Shaan but then it is all glamorous and sexy and has been shot in beautiful places in Goa, but it feels Dubai and the album is very beautiful. Is an interesting and mysterious concept and I hope the audience loves this work and likes the track. “

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