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Shardul Pandit, the contestant who fired Bigg Boss 14: I am out of India’s biggest reality show and I have no job

Shardul Pandit, the contestant who fired Bigg Boss 14, doesn’t say a word when it comes to seeking work. Before entering the controversial reality show he was heard talking about his financial crisis and now that he is out of the show he still wants work.

Asked what is next for him or what he has to do, Shardul told IANS, “There is still zero (work) left. There are many people like Geeta Kapoor who came to us saying if you need money, we Let me know. ” “I tell them I need work. Yeah, I probably got a very grand farewell on Big Boss but there’s no work. There’s really no work.”

He thinks the situation is also caused by the fact that it has not been seen enough.

“Honestly, I haven’t been seen enough to get enough work, and that’s not a feeling of joy. I’m really in a situation where I might have to start all over again,” he said.

He insisted: “Please do this spring that I still need work. I am out of the biggest reality show in India and I have no work. I know it doesn’t make a very happy headline, but that’s my truth. “

He says he left an assignment for a reality show. “I was lost in a web series because she was bumping into Bigg Boss. I shared (on the show) why I haven’t worked for the last two years – I was so upset and I wasn’t at my best physically, Shardul said. This was the reason at the time.Now the reason is that I don’t look good enough and just came out of the house.

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