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Shabana Azmi: I buy groceries when I’m not shooting

While we are confined within the four walls of our homes, Shabana Azmi has not only moved to Budapest, but has moved on to the 26th century at that time. Earlier this month, the actor resumed work Hello Steven Spielberg’s future scientific adventure television series, Which has been adapted from the video game. To Toto Bathurst-directed adventure, which also features Pablo Schreiber and Natasha McLaughlin, sees Admiral Margaret Parangowski, head of Azmi Nali Intelligence the Fish.

The actor, who works in the Hungarian capital, says: “It’s nice to be back on set. Pablo Schreiber and Natasha McLean are wonderful co-stars. Until December. He is busy compiling a to-do list. “I live in an apartment here. I do laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping – something I never need to do in India. I have a house help coming to the service of the department. I can’t cook to save my life, so “I order most days,” he laughs, apparently fond of his own life experience in a foreign country.

The last few months have been extremely difficult Shabana Azmi – He was shooting for Nikhil Advani’s web series, Moguls, before joining Halo’s unit. The actor is amazed at how different the two projects are. “One is a historical drama and the other is a futuristic science show! An actor cannot demand more diverse subjects,” she says, adding that the gap between the Hindi film industry and Hollywood’s working style is slowly narrowing. “Now, we have the right call sheets. Before, it wasn’t like that [in Bollywood]. I remember, Rajesh Khanna and I were shooting a scene in Khar for Arvind Sen’s film [Nasihat, 1986] While Cadre Khan was writing the next scene in RK Studios, where he was shooting another film! It’s a miracle that we, the actors, managed to bring any kind of honesty. “

Although the actor missed out on being a part of the Diwali festivities in Mumbai, she celebrated it that way. “I lit two candles, greeted everyone on facetime and ordered pizza. Staying away from home during the festival is a weird feeling because we celebrate it in a grand way.”

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