Home Entertainment See photos: TV artists host an entertaining Awards Night on Bigg Boss...

See photos: TV artists host an entertaining Awards Night on Bigg Boss 14

The New Year is called for to celebrate and this time, the housemates come to meet the most popular artists of the COLORS family. Artists will grace the occasion and add their special amount of entertainment and fun to increase the level of entertainment.

Bigg Boss 14 Awards

The first person to enter the house is Nagin 5, Surabhi Chandna (Bani Sharma) and Sharad Malhotra (Veer). Proceed to announce the first two dances in the fun track and the funniest Awards Night – The Shameless Awards!

Bigg Boss 14 AwardsThe first award is a Nazdekian award for those home companions who always come a little closer to relax. There are famous people – Ejaz Khan, Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan!

Bigg Boss 14 Awards

Next up is the Tear Key Tank Award featuring Rakhi Sawant, Jasmine Bhasin and still Vikas Gupta!

Bigg Boss 14 Awards

Next, Barrister Babu and Priyal Mahajan’s very beautiful Ara Bhatnagar alias Bondita enters dancing to Radha’s tune! Both his co-stars Amar Upadhyay alias Virendra Pratap Singh and Pravisht Mishra alias Anirudh Roy Chaudhary have joined him in acting! Amar and ura ra quiz friends at home with some hilarious and difficult questions!

Bigg Boss 14 Awards

Salt Isca Kani Monalisa makes a charming entry and decides to teach a few steps to friends at home! At the end of a very fun and entertaining dance performance, Big Boss decides to deliver a tweak! Mona Lisa leaves the news that a family friend will leave the house with her!

Which competitor will see the end of their journey in Bigg Boss 14?

Bigg Boss 14 Awards

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