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Save the date: Gauhar Khan and Zaid Darbar to tie the Christmas knot on 2020

Gauhar Khan and Zaid Durbar have been in a relationship for a while and the couple has decided to take it to the next level. The pair are set to tie the knot on Christmas Eve (December 25) and have made this special announcement on their respective Instagram accounts.

Sharing two imaginary pictures of themselves, the couple wrote to tell the world about their marriage – “The year 2020 was nothing ordinary, and our love story was nothing short of extraordinary! It gives us immense someone. We announced that we Let’s tie the knot and start the journey forever! In view of the current scenario, we will celebrate the big day in an intimate ceremony with our family. Hope every soul finds its mate and prays to every heart that it may find a reason to defeat. ” [SIC]

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In a recent interview With Itimes, Zaid’s father and Pte lyricist Ismail Durbar shares how Gauhar has made a special place in the family. “Gauhar was with us for about 4 hours; we had a biryani dinner together. If the vibes aren’t good, I don’t think we can sit with anyone for more than 4 minutes these days. My son Zaid has told me they’re serious about each other. I don’t mind. “

He further added, “As a father, I once told her that she is years older than him and make sure this is the only real love before you dive into marriage. My son feels sure. Gauhar Spent with us, I can assure you that she takes great care of him. Also, my wife Ayesha has the harsh effect of knowing if someone is genuine after talking to her; She finds Gauhar original. “

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“We are happy with Zaid’s every decision. He has never discriminated between me and his mother. Gauhar is a very sweet girl. We have left them to decide what they want to do with their lives. And yes, Gauhar is also big. The boss called me before entering the house of 14 and asked me to bless him. My blessings are always with him. He also told me that he would be very happy if I could meet his mother. “

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