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Saqib Salim: There is no need for censorship

Although it is losing the magic of the big screen, Saqib Salim has put up a good run on OTT platforms this year with a crackdown and a kiddie couple. The actor says he is enjoying the digital medium as it comes without any trapping. “OTT audiences have a clear idea of ​​what they want. Even on the platform they have their own system for considering whether a show or a movie is doing well. There is no b-box-office fee pressure. I enjoy this space because That gives me the opportunity to play different characters. “

However, in a move that could have far-reaching implications, the government earlier this week introduced a video-streaming platform under the purview of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This step could mean that these platforms will have to apply for approval of the content they want to stream. On his behalf, Salim says he has yet to form an opinion on the matter. “Every argument has two sides to it. I don’t feel the need for censorship; I thought we were breaking new ground with the kind of content we were developing. But if content is to be controlled from now on, I want to know why. [behind the order] Before I can comment on it. “

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Where it helped seal her place in digital entertainment, she postponed her big ticket release, until next year. Mention the sports drama directed by Kabir Khan, and the joy is evident in his voice. “We’ve put our heart and soul into the film. I’ve seen pieces of it while dubbing and it looks great. This film will be worth the wait.”

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