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Sania Mirza shares her thoughts on her debut web show MTV Nishad Alone Tugarer

You may have seen Sania Mirza showcasing her skills in tennis. Now, we’re going to see it on the screen too. The tennis star is set to make a grand debut with the DTV show MTV Nishd Elon Tugarer. Before his entry into the show, he wrote his thoughts. Here is what she said:

“It’s the second week together with MTV Nishdh Alone and when I know that the audience is expecting my entry in the show, I must admit that I love the drama so far! In the first episode we were introduced to a scene. When I talked to my mother about the anxiety of being alone in the midst of a lockdown, I was shocked at how thousands of young people were struggling to stay away from home. For months around my loved ones at home. “

“In this first episode, I also stopped to think that the epidemic had a crashing effect on the job environment in India. Meghana’s boss at the radio station calls her to tell her that the team is declining by 0%, so I can feel the uncertainty in her face. And for what the behavior is next, her boss tells her to fire Vicky, who is not only the producer of the radio show, but she also becomes her boyfriend! Very close, I can only imagine letting Vicky go for it. How difficult it must be for someone who has just come up with a successful show idea and doesn’t know what’s coming! What do you do? “.

“Speaking of all this, it’s not just the job loss that he’s struggling with. He also introduced us to the main issue he addressed at the show – the effect of Kovid-19 on tuberculosis and its patients. As a patient with MDR TB, Vicky is having a hard time continuing his treatment amid lockdown. Incidentally, this has also happened to many TB patients in India, whose medication has stopped due to fear of Covid 19, and this may be due to lack of access to treatment, epidemics. Fear and awareness exist. “

“In the second episode, the same spirit resides in Lakshmi, Megha’s lockdown ‘daily check-in’ companion. Lakshmi has a constant cough, so we get her in a negative test for Covid-19. But she is also advised to take TB. The test. I really liked how Megha advised Lakshmi to go for a test to scare her and kill her, all this made me wonder – how would I react if two people close to me had suffered such an emergency between epidemics. ” MTV Nishad Alone Together My biggest solution so far has been to feel a little reluctant about public health facilities for TB. Vicky and Lakshmi are really a big concern among today’s youth that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. “

“At the end of episode two, I have a curious viewer left with a lot of questions – how will Megha give this news to Vicky? How will Vicky react to this? Will Vicky and Lakshmi go to the government hospital and find their care? Need? As I connect with these dynamic young people in the next episode, I can’t wait to find the answers to these questions and get a glimpse into their world. So join me? And stay tuned. “

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