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Sandeepa Dhar: Give a certificate, let the viewers make informed decisions

After a short stint in movies, Sandipa edge One series at a time, has established itself in the world of digital entertainment. Not to mention, her high theater prospects while traveling to many countries with her Australian dance theater musical, West Side Story. As he receives praise for his understated act in ALTBalaji’s mambhai, Dhar discusses why dubbing in various media and censorship on the web is necessary. ‘

Edited excerpts from interviews.

Considering you dubbed in Bollywood and digital entertainment, what medium has brought you more freedom?
The projects I am getting on the web are more interesting, varied and challenging. Although some powerful films are being made, change is happening at a very slow pace. When people experiment on the web, filmmakers sometimes play safe. That’s understandable – when the risks in web series are much lower than in movies.

Angad Bedi and Sandeep Dhar in Mambhai
Angad Bedi and Sandeep Dhar in Mambhai

You play a chartered accountant in Mambai. What did you learn during the show?
I had no idea of ​​the hawala scams during the 90s, or how transactions were made between India and Dubai, or the misappropriation of illicit money. I learned about the connection between Bollywood and the underworld, and how black money was pushed into making films.

Where do you stand on the OTT platform coming under the purview of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting?
I think a certain amount of censorship is necessary because producers in digital entertainment are going to the top with sexual content. It needs to be controlled to an extent. That said, art needs freedom. Stories can lose their essence if important aspects – for example, the use of explosives – are censored. Impurity is a part of almost everyone’s language these days. I’m on the fence about the move. They should just give [a show] A certificate, and let adults make an informed decision.

Do you think that censorship is being introduced to suppress political views?
It’s controversial, especially when the show only expresses their personal point of view. Viewers have the option to choose what they want.

After your Bollywood tenure, you played a major role in West Side Story. How did it happen
I was chasing my major in jazz and minors in contemporary dance. I got a scholarship to an Australian Australian dance company. My parents didn’t want me to just learn to dance, so I did [utilised the time] Also to study business management. During that time, I gave an ition dish for West Side Story, and the rest is history.

Will you be able to start the journey again after the epidemic?
I want to continue both here and further my acting career. I have a special relationship with the stage and I don’t want to give it up. The experience of traveling the world and interacting with different types of people is invaluable.

Would you consider joining an Indian era?
The level of musicals produced here, without making a sensible sound [isn’t on par]. We need to increase money and talent to match the standards of international construction. We are at an early stage. Musicals are an expensive affair; That’s why tickets are so expensive. Here, people are struggling to pay R200 to watch the movie. How would they pay £ 100 to watch a musical? The people of Europe gladly spend it. Art is widely respected there.

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