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Roadies Revolution: Double Vote Outs and Dramatic Tips Make for an Attractive Watch

After completing the first set of tasks- Roadies Premier League and Lights Out, finally this week, it’s time for a heartbreaking poll. While rivals Michael, Hamid, Poonam and Abhimanyu have gained amusing immunity from these actions, leaders are also given a chance to defend a competitor and their favorite. At the same time, Ranavijay surprises everyone when he throws a double vote-out bomb.


This episode will see a series of twists and turns and the drama that follows. Ranavijay gives leader Nikhil the advantage of choosing another permanent member for his team. In the process of granting immunity, rivals take celebrity leaders on their own and do everything possible to persuade them. The arguments and controversies that ensue then also call the celebrity leaders in serious terms, as leader Varun and Neha argue heavily with each other. Moreover, the winners of the Roadies Premier League task have the privilege of giving two votes to different voters.


The voting process is also a reflection of the ugly contest that leads to another argument. In the episode, it turns out that someone addressed the talent as “Auntie” when nominating her name. This doesn’t go down well with Neha, who challenged the defaulter to confess to her. As Aarushi accepts it, Neha, Nikhil and Aarushi are caught in a brawl. We also see harsh weather and stability in the air as Neha collapses. Ranavijay stands for Iron Lady and as a strong leader, donates multiple hats, always fights for rights and is appreciated for being an inspiration to many. And, we couldn’t agree more.


As the game intensifies each week, not only do competitors come to the top of their game, but leaders are also doing whatever it takes to save their favorites and capture their castle in battle. Surprisingly double votes leaving everyone in a surprising way, who will be the victim and face his wrath? Will the array of arguments change anything from the constitution? To know all about this just talk this Saturday Heart Gasping episode on MTV this Saturday at 7 p.m.

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