Home Entertainment Roadies Revolution: Aarushi and Sanjay vie for 'Drone Survivor' this week

Roadies Revolution: Aarushi and Sanjay vie for ‘Drone Survivor’ this week

The Roadies Revolution Tour is dynamic every week, with many events taking everyone by surprise! After the talent journey is over, a surprising survival battle between the two contestants who voted, Aarushi and Sanjay are sure to shock the contestants and celebrity leaders! The task for them was to form a team of three members before they could survive.

Aarushi has a lot of options and friends in travel at the moment as Hamid is injured from the basket brawl task and only Michael’s support. When Aarushi somehow manages to get confirmation from Michael, Nisha and Aman, Sanjay chooses Vipin, Jayant and Shreya to save himself.

Roadies Revolution Episodes Update

Ranavijay Drone Survivor – will present a three-phase time-based task. Voted contestants will be locked in a cage where they will have to tie a knotted rope. One member of the team has to go through the obstacle set and collect the numbers which will be the code for the cage lock. Once the voting contestant is released from the cage, they have to hover over a 90 degree wall and drop the flag that completes the task. To make the task more grip, Ranavijay introduces two twists in the task. The other 2 members of the team will have to fly the drone and pass it through loops which will reduce their time and the members of the opposing team can run paintball balls to distract the team. Team leaders can also perform at work.

Roadies Revolution Episodes Update

After reporting on the exciting work, the contestants who had previously failed to perform persuaded Aarushi and Sanjay to join their team. Sanjay changed his team and selected Akash, Varun and Jayant and Aarushi selected Michael, Nikhil and Aman for their fight. Between the work and selection of the teams, we will see Vipin and Sanjay arguing heavily, as Sanjay was preparing to form a strong team by replacing Vipin with Akash.

Roadies Revolution Episodes Update

It’s amazing that Apurva is pitching to play with Arurva. Is this her game plan or is it a real move to maintain the spirit of the game? Who will be the ‘Drone Survivor’ and whose journey will end? Stay tuned with a thrilling revolution, one of the most thrilling acts of the season and one of the biggest vote-out sessions to witness on Saturday at 7pm only on MTV.

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