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Reveals in Brazilian data that the effectiveness of China’s vaccine has decreased


New data from China’s Synovac Biotech vaccine has been released in Brazil. According to the data, the effectiveness of the vaccine has been found to be 50.4 percent. Which is the least effective compared to the previously released data. Companies around the world have started developing vaccines to control the spread of the cora virus and there are various claims of its effectiveness. People are getting confused about the vaccine due to the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Data from the trial of the third phase of the vaccine were released last week. The effectiveness of the vaccine was reported to be 75 percent. And approval was sought for its emergency use.

The Butanton Institute, a vaccine partner of Synovec in Brazil, has urged people not to pay attention to the new vaccine efficiency rate. The Chinese vaccine has been named Coronavec. The Butanat Institute released new data on the vaccine to Brazilian health regulators showing the vaccine’s effectiveness at 50.4.

In the case of the Pfizer Biontech vaccine from the US, its effectiveness was found to be 95 per cent in the third phase trial. Of the 44,000 volunteers involved in the Pfizer vaccine, 3,410 had symptoms of corona, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If the volunteers tested positive, the effectiveness of the vaccine would be less than 30%.

According to data released last week, the coronavirus was said to be 78 percent effective in people with mild symptoms of the cora virus and 100 percent in severe patients. Experts said the data was inaccurate based on information available to the public and new data was released on Tuesday after the data needed transparency.

Ricardo Palacios, medical director of Butanton, said the vaccine test was “very strict” on people with mild symptoms of corana. The vaccine is such that the more severe the disease, the greater the effect. This means that the vaccine is more effective in severe patients infected with the coronavirus.



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