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Prabhalin Kaur will make a film inspired by a book on Jagga Jutt

Stories of bravery and courage never fail to thwart a conspiracy, and driven by this idea, Prabhine Kaur of Almighty Motion Picture has acquired the right to make a book inspired by a book on the famous 20th century rebel Jaggajatt from Punjabi folklore. Many famous Punjabi singers like Kuldeep Manak, Gurdas Mann, Surinder Sindha, Manmohan Veer, Kamalhir have given voice to this super heroism and human folklore. And many more films and documentaries have been made on Jaggajat in Hindu and Punjabi languages, starring Jayaraj and Yograj Singh (Yuvraj Singh’s father) in the lead roles.

Prabhlin Kaur says, “Jagga Jutt is a story that I have been aware of since my childhood because I am from Punjab and now it is time to make this story global. We have started working on research and development and will decide which format to go. , Long or short, once the script is ready. But the process will be like going back to my roots and I really look forward to it.

“We are very excited to tell the little known but very compelling story of one of the brave sons of India. Only a production house like Almighty Motion Pictures can do justice to this,” said authors Kiran-Nirvana and Asim Mahajan, whose book Has come. Presented by Laksli Ha Hall Publishing LLP and Book Bakers Literary Agency.

Jagatsinh Virk, also known as Jaggajat or sometimes Jaggadaku, emerged as Punjab’s own Robin Hood, when he plundered the rich, especially the British, and gave to the poor. He later became an outlaw, but his independent thinking, his brave frame, his strength and his fight for justice stood out in his village from the very beginning of his life.

It is 1902 when Jagatsinh Virk was born to parents who had already lost their six children. The birth and existence of Jagatsinh Virk was nothing short of a miracle for him, and it led to the famous saying “Jagajjammaye temilanvadhayan”. His upbringing years saw him in all sorts of misdeeds, including wrestling, but it has caused animosity between his longtime rival Jagatsinh Virk and Asghar Ali. At heart, Jagatsinh Virk is a good one, helping friends in need, volunteers carrying the disabled from their shoulders and the elderly who want to visit the gurdwara from their homes, and distributing crops from the harvest to poor families. By British landlords

The growing atrocities by the British on his tribe boil his blood, and a series of events lead to a change in the world of Jagatsingh Virk, the rebel of the time, the savior, a hero in the eyes of his own people. “

The story of Jaggajat will be told by Awakening for his great grandson Kuldeep, as he comes across a long mysterious encounter with the origins of his ancestors, and he is able to draw a parallel between himself and his great grandfather, a cult person in Punjab. “

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