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pillow side effects for health | Pillow Side Effects: Don’t accidentally sleep with a pillow, these problems can increase

new Delhi. After working all day, you get relief by going to bed. Everyone wants to get a good night’s sleep so that they can go to work the next day with Fresh Mood. Some people definitely need a pillow at bedtime. They do not get sleep without pillows. some people At bedtime If you keep a thick pillow under your head, some people sleep with 3-4 pillows nearby.

Pillow damage

If told, everyone has their own sleeping habits. You may have to fall prey to many diseases with the use of pillow. Learn about the pillow side effects today.

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Damage to the spine

Be careful if you sleep with a pillow. Use of a pillow can damage your spinal cord. With the pillow, your spinal cord slowly begins to curl. So do not use the pillow. Not using it will also provide relief in back pain.

Stretch in the neck

If you sleep with a pillow under the head, then doing this can cause neck strain. Apart from this, the problem of neck pain also increases. Therefore pillows should not be used while sleeping. Blood circulation in the body also works properly by not sleeping on the pillow.

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Wrinkles fall on the face

Sleeping with a pillow makes you look old quickly. Many a times, while sleeping with a pillow at night, your cheek is on the pillow, due to which slowly wrinkles start appearing on the face. Therefore, you should avoid using pillow. Gradually, beauty ends with the use of pillows.

Children can get windpipe

Some people put children’s pillow, while doing so should not forget it. Applying a pillow poses a risk of the windpipe being pressed and turned. Therefore, never apply a pillow to children.

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