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Pfizer Covid vaccine scientist warned life will not return to normal till next winter | Scientist claims: Corona will not go before next winter, Kovid-19 vaccine will soon be available

New Delhi Ugur Sahin, the chief scientist who created the Pfizer Kovid-19 vaccine, warned that people would not get relief from corona before the next winter. It has also been said on behalf of the company that if everything is correct then by the end of this year, delivery of the vaccine may start in December.

Vaccines can be taken till December or next year
All the trials of Covid vaccine being developed by Pfizer and Bioentech can be vaccinated by the end of this year or early next year. Bioentech CEO has said that if everything continues to progress properly, delivery of the vaccine will start in the month of December this year. He said that the company aims to deliver 30 crore doses by April next year.

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Israel signed an agreement with Pfizer
Significantly, last week, Bioentech and co-producer Pfizer said that their vaccine analysis showed that it could be effective in protecting Kovid-19 by more than 90 percent. On Friday, Israel also signed an agreement with the Pfizer Inc. company, under which 8 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be received. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “With this agreement, half of Israel’s population will get the Kovid-19 vaccine.”

Summer season will be helpful in reducing Kovid-19
Bioentech co-founder and CEO Prof. Ugur Sahin said, “The summer season will help us as the infection rate will reduce in the summer and it is very important that we achieve a higher rate of vaccination before winter next year.” Sahin said that he is confident that the vaccine will reduce infection among people and at the same time prevent the development of symptoms in someone who has received the vaccine.

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Bioentech was established in 2008
He has informed that many companies are working to increase the supply of Kovid-19 vaccine, so next year’s winter will be normal for us. Sahin and his wife Ozlem Tureci founded Bioentech in the West German city of Mainz in 2008. Bioentech CEO Ur Saheen said that for the success of the vaccine, it is necessary to give the vaccine to people on a large scale by September-October next year.


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