Home Entertainment Pakistani actor Bilal Abbas Khan: Art can be a bridge between countries

Pakistani actor Bilal Abbas Khan: Art can be a bridge between countries

In the fortnight of this film, Pakistani star Bilal Abbas Khan is getting success in a zoo love story. While presenting the romantic tracks of the main characters Sohail and Salma, the ZEE5 original series focuses on the culture of weddings arranged in the neighboring country. “The best part is that people have seen it all at once. The series is a wonderful example of how you can send a positive message. [sounding preachy]. We have taken action on how parents push [children into marriage], But the situation has been presented in a progressive way, ”said Beam Khan.

If the cinema shows its point without resorting to theatrics or drama, Khan says the credit goes to director Mehreen Jabbar. “At times, we tend to move on with light-hearted comedies. But here, the medi is subtle. Mehri has focused on the small aspects, and kept the story real and raw.”

One of the series
One of the series

After the Uri attack in 2016, Indian cinema institutes announced a mass ban on Pakistani actors. Khan is happy that the digital platform provides a window for cultural exchange despite the tense equation between the two countries. “We can’t do films in India. At least, [we can take solace in the fact] That our digital shows are reaching a wider audience. I strongly believe that art can build bridges between countries. For me, art has no boundaries and can fill a void in society. We can only pray that cooperation between the two countries resumes. “


Rohit Saraf


Do you want to have a superpower?
The power to live in multiple places at the same time.

Crush your celebrity?
Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Did you have a nightmare last night?
That I was in a tsunami and my house was collapsing.

One thing on your wish list?
To see the northern lights.

The place where you were first kissed?
My room

Who or what do you turn to when you are sad?
I listen to my happy music and ride a bicycle.

Tally Tettle


Works through pain

Ignoring his slip-disc, Akshay Mhatre of Indiawali fame resumed work after removing the lock-down. But the excruciating pain forced him to shoot. “The production team made a room outside the set to relax after each shot.”

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