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Only the Gandhi and Mulayam families are great, we are all Cody’s man: related characters

Farmers are still protesting on various borders in the capital Delhi against the central government’s agricultural law. The protests have been going on for the last 49 days. The farmers have continued their agitation even after the Supreme Court order. The Supreme Court on Tuesday stayed all three laws for enforcement. The discussion started in many channels.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra is angry after the opposition raised questions against the BJP in a news channel. “Look, after the Chief Justice of India has spoken, there is nothing left,” Patra told the news anchor. In today’s discussion, I am saddened that the issue was also discussed with the Chief Justice. That said, the CJI and the Supreme Court did this wrong. “You’ve worked hard to get to this point,” he told Anchor. You are called ugly and vile here. I too have come this far by hard work but I have been called Cody’s man. Only the family of Gandhi and Mulayam Singh is great in the ideology of the Opposition. All of this is being dramatized to launch these people. The rest of us are poor and cowardly.

Four members of the committee have also been sold. These two families are perfect because they are about to launch. At any cost. They have a big existence and we are all inferior human beings. Earlier, Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinivasan said that the farmers have been left to die. Hypocrisy and arrogance me muh kyo hai aapne moda, ye deshni atma desh ki shaan, itna kitna karenge aap Modiji apman The farmers said on Tuesday that they would not go against the committee appointed by the Supreme Court and would continue their agitation. The farmers also did not give any recognition to the committee appointed by the Supreme Court.

However, in a question raised by the Opposition, the BJP spokesperson reiterated that only two families are great. However, on the apex court’s stance, Sambit Patra also said that the decision to form the committee was taken after the apex court struck down the central government. Both parties will have to appear before this committee. Have to introduce their own topics. The committee will then submit its report to the court. We abide by and abide by the decision of the Supreme Court.


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