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New Mutants: Here are five things to know before you watch a movie

Disney’s latest flick The New Mutants has been a big relief to theaters since its release in theaters this Friday. Finally, for the first time in months, Cinephiles were excited to get dressed, buy tickets and enjoy the big screen with some kicks action and thrills they have missed for 8 long months. If you’re all excited and want to learn more about the movie, be comfortable, because we’ve listed 5 things to know before you catch a movie in theaters.

That’s the X-Men spinoff

For all X-Men fans, New Mutant is here to answer your prayers. It’s the 13th and probably the last installment of the X-Men movie series and it’s bigger and better than anything you’ve seen before. The story is about 5 young mutants who are being trained to join the X-Men Force, but if you go through the trailer of the movie, you will soon realize that it is far from the truth. Although the movie was originally created to expand the universe of the X-Men franchise, the tone of the movie is nowhere like our regular X-Men movies, making it more interesting.

A very unique theme

If you’ve caught the trailer for the movie, you already know it looks pretty promising. Although it is a superhero movie, the tone of the trailer is very dark and sharp like a horror movie. Thus, the movie has discovered a unique and interesting theme that makes it one of a kind. It is a superhero style horror movie that is not an explored theme and will definitely get your heart racing.

Inspired by a comic book

One thing that makes The New Mutants so compelling and especially compelling is that it’s based on a popular comic book of the same name as other Marvel stories. The original idea for a group of young Mifit teenagers making new mutants was first created in 1983 by Chris Claremont, his comedy series did not spin from the original series. In fact, Stan Lee, the father of modern Marvel Films, originally wanted to call X-Men ‘The Mutants’. This apparently didn’t work and when Chris and Bob McLeod developed the idea of ​​creating a new team of mutants, they named them New Mutants as a tribute to Lena’s original name.

Story and direction

Probably the most crucial aspect of any film is its directing and writing. The screenplay for the movie is co-written by Natal Lee, a childhood friend of Josh Boone, the director of The Fault in Our Stars. She is a fan of both the new mutant kicks mix and her characters making her a fan project since childhood. After putting out a comic book using panels from the comic line to show what the films would look like, they gave the idea of ​​the movie to Simon Kinberg (one of the makers of the X-Men film series). Apparently, the idea was a hit and Boone and Lee eventually managed to get the movie to theaters.

Cast and characters

The film has also been in the spotlight to cast some of the most talented young actors in the film industry, including Macy Williams, who played Arya Stark in Game Th F Thrones, casting M-Night Shyamalan’s Glass and Split as well as Anya-Taylor Joy with The Witch. Charlie Heaton is best known for portraying Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things. It looks like the movie has a very nice cast with some young, aspiring actors and actresses guaranteed excellent performance.

New Mutants Poster
New Mutants Poster

In collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, 20th Century Fox presents The New Mutants, an original horror thriller set in a separate hospital, where a group of young mutants are kept for psychiatric observation. When bizarre events begin to happen, both their new transformative abilities and their friendship will be tested as they fight to make it come alive.

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