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Neha Marda: My mother tongue has come out from my mother playing screen non-screen.

Actress Neha Murda has said that playing the role of mother in a TV show has brought her mother’s instincts to life. The show, called Quin Rishtan Main Katti Butti, shows the world of two children, Ishu and Roly, as they team up to rekindle the love between their mom and dad. While Siddhant Suryavanshi will be seen playing the lead role of Kuldeep in the essay, while Neha will be seen playing the role of Shubhra.

The actress has been shooting on set with Siddharth and child actors Panwar and Mannat Murgai for the last several years and has formed a bond with them especially with children.

“My character Shubhra is very dear to her children and keeps her close to her heart. When it wasn’t long before she played this character, Shubhra made a part of me somewhere, and these naughty, beautiful children have brought out a mother tongue in me,” Neha said.

“I believe that children have a unique way of understanding their feelings and their raw and beauty can be breathtaking. Their innocence has a certain charm of its own and working with them is a really surreal feeling. We all became very attached to this. Children, especially me because playing the role of Ishu Shu and Roly’s mother has stimulated the motherly spirit in me. And when motherhood completes the woman, I have found something close to the feeling of being with Shu and Roly, “he added.

“Queen Rishton Mein Katti Batti” has been prepared for the December 14 premiere on Zee TV.

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