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negligence can be dangerous on basis of blood pressure complaint | On the complaint of blood pressure, these 5 negligence can be dangerous, know about them

New Delhi If blood pressure remains correct then your body remains healthy. Its ups and downs can prove to be dangerous for your health. That is, you should not make any misconceptions about blood pressure. Increased blood pressure increases the risk of heart diseases. At the same time, dizziness starts due to low blood pressure. Let us tell you about the misconceptions that people may have.

Reducing salt intake cures high blood pressure!
To maintain the blood pressure properly, it is necessary to have the right lifestyle. Consuming too much salt is harmful for both blood pressure and kidney. Blood pressure can be reduced by reducing salt, if you think that just reducing salt will reduce hypertension then it is wrong.

No harm due to increase or decrease in blood pressure
The rise and fall of blood pressure should not be overlooked, it can prove very dangerous for your health. We should get blood pressure checked regularly. If there is a frequent change in blood pressure, then definitely contact the doctor. Because the body parts are not able to work properly due to low blood pressure, then high blood pressure can worsen health.

High blood pressure cannot be controlled
To control high blood pressure, it is important to take the right lifestyle, healthy diet and medicines. Exercising, keeping the weight right, healthy diet, no stress and quitting smoking can also control high blood pressure. Some people are troubled by high blood pressure, they do not get treatment due to misunderstanding. Such people should not be negligent.

Lower blood pressure by drinking coffee
People feel that if there is low blood pressure, then one should drink coffee, this leads to blood pressure control. The caffeine found in coffee can only control the condition for some time, as it is not a cure for blood pressure. Those with high blood pressure should not take coffee. You should consult a doctor immediately.

Negligence on blood pressure control
It is a great negligence to give up treatment when blood pressure is controlled. The medicine should not be left without the advice of your doctor. Their advice should be listened carefully.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)



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