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Mona Singh on Diwali celebrations: will surprise my husband but hopefully he will surprise me too

Mona Singh and Shyam Gopla tied the knot on December 27 and the next day the actress went to her Instagram account to share a picture of their wedding. The direct moment of the movie captured both his shyness and pleasure.

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And now, Singh has spoken to her husband as this is going to be her first Diwali Hindustan Times About the same and what the celebrations would like. He said, “It will be a low-key Diwali, also keeping in mind what is happening around us. Shyam and I will go to my parents’ house for worship, there will be a Pandit ji. At a friend’s house. “

He added, “We have to adjust. That doesn’t mean we have stopped enjoying life, but yes, it should be within limits. There are people very close with whom you get to spend time, otherwise there are acquaintances that The house you go to. Play cards. It’s not happening. “

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Mona Singh She also has a beautiful request, she said she would surprise her husband but he would also like to do so. He said, “I’m definitely surprised to give them a gift, but I hope it will surprise me too! I was asking them in fact ‘Are you going shopping together or separately?’ He said, ‘For now, let’s go together.’ I’m gesturing. “

Singh is not only a famous television actor, but he has also acted in films like 3 Idiots, Z Plus and now he is earning Lal Singh Chadda starring Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. The film is set to release on Christmas Eve next year.

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