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Modi in web show: CM to PM Umesh Shukla says Gujarat riots not put under carpet

One year after Modi’s offer: Journey of a Common Man, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s thin foreign hajiyography, director Umesh Shukla’s fascination with the subject. The second season of the web series, Modi: CM to PM, presents what the title promises, albeit in a respectable dose.

Shukla revealed that the Mahesh Thakur-Fronted series is based on Kishore Makwana’s book, Common Man’s PM – Narendra Modi. “We’ve got the rights to the book [were certain that] We will not show a single aspect of Modi, as it sounds like propaganda. I didn’t have to do that. I felt that there were some stories about her that didn’t reach a lot of people and she wanted to bring them forward, ”the director explains.

He’s not worried about facing the same topic on the big screen with Vivek Oberoi PM Narendra Modi (2019) “Movies have a time constraint. In a web show, you have enough time to showcase what you want to do.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

As Eros Now is looking for Modi’s tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister for three consecutive terms and his subsequent journey to become the Prime Minister, Shukla insists that the show has a balanced approach.

“It is a life-changing experience for me. Modi’s selfless efforts were true. He said, ‘We showed everything that happened – Godhra riots, S.I.T. [Special Investigations Team] The investigation and how he was interrogated for 12 hours. I did not remove the riot under the carpet, including how I managed the situation. We have shown that he sought the help of other states during the storms. He took some decisive action when he did not get help. After watching the show, people will form their opinions, and I’m ready for it. “

Umesh Shukla
Umesh Shukla

The director, who hopes to show the leader his creation, has started imagining a third edition. “I need to say the way he dealt with the epidemic and brought India together with the international community,” Shukla said.

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