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Love Is Blind, Dating Around, Jersey Shore: Dating Reality Shows Being a Guilty Victim


When intellectually charged, it is a very sensible style TV series to choose from, sometimes after a stressful day, we just have to go through endless trials and tribulations to win the final prize of some strapping young people – love!

We are all constantly bombarded with worry-inspiring news and don’t get the luxury of self-care to stay afloat. To add to our risks, our dating life has been reduced to video calls and shared nightmares, leaving us all to miss the drama and excitement with the elusive world of dating. We crumble when we say this, when there is nothing more comfortable and fulfilling than watching some shiny TV to escape the garbage of daily existence.

Look no further! Gear up your ice cream tub to mentally unplug with this dating reality show and are bound to take you on a fun ride full of excitement, fireworks, tears and laughter. See how these brave competitors, created by the intrusive waters of dating, finally find their dream partner! Missing in the chaos, excitement and drama of the dating world, you will definitely shine on your screen in this sinisterly enjoyed dating reality show.

Double Shot at Love

Double shot t-at-love

Created by Jersey Shore celebrities Paulie D and Winnie Guadagnino, this explosive dating contest was competing with 20 famous young women to win the heart of this famous DJ. As expected, the house is a play, a tear of tears, as they fight her battle to win the romance of her dreams. The madness doesn’t end there! While the season leaves many broken hearts in its wake, while the second reunion season gives love a second chance they bring back all-time favorites.

Love is blind

Love is blind

Ever thought that you are really in love with a look or personality? Look no further because Netflix’s Love is blind to the answers to all these questions and more. It’s interesting to see these singletons go on dates in ‘pods’, where they talk and get to know each other, except that they look like another person. The season takes a dramatic turn when many of these couples are engaged, only to finally see their mates in real life. The season is shocking, heartbreaking, embarrassing and definitely amazes you… is love really blind?

Love Island on Colors Infinity

Love Island

Britain’s infamous Love Island is a social experiment, part of finding love, and entertaining through and through it. Participants, known as Islanders, are segregated into remote villas in beautiful places around the world, where they complete various creepy challenges, and pair up to place themselves in the villa – winning a ઇ 50,000 cash prize if they make it! The hit franchise has everything you are looking for – exotic locations, hilarious banter among the islanders, and plenty of drama.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Jersey shore

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is a spin off of the original pop culture sensational Jersey Shore. The new series follows seven famous house friends from the original series – Snooky, Juvo, Dina, Paulie, Winnie, Mike and Ronnie, while they spend a month on vacation together. Throughout The Tuo, we see dynamic personalities go through different stages of life, their wild adversaries and lively personalities always keeping things interesting.

Around dating


Shows the most honest dating out there, around dating is an honest, relevant depiction of modern dating. In each episode one person walks on five different blind dates, with the only best translation on another date. The show has been lauded for representing people from different walks of life ranging from old age. Each episode is refreshingly candid, taking you on a wonderful journey of different cultures, experiences and personalities.

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