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Let’s take a look at some very beautiful moments through the songs of birthday girl Sushmita Sen.

Sushmita Sen is an actor who has lived her life on her own terms. And no, you can’t call it My Way or Highway. Her aura is terrified and when she speaks you will notice what she thinks and how she reflects her thoughts. The actor has a lot more to do than become India’s first Miss Universe, in 1994, at just 19 years old, undoubtedly the biggest moment of her pride.

He has been in films for over 25 years and he made a solid return to acting with this year’s web-series, Arya. Sen should also be credited with giving some of the most captivating moments in the films through all the catchy and contagious songs full of madness and melody. Here are some of the best people the nation will ever forget:

1. Dilbar Dilbar – Saraf Tum (1999)

Sushmita Sen's birthday

The entire shooting of the film was done in India but the song was shot abroad, as it was back in the good old days of Bollywood. Where it is a dream sequence Sushmita Sen. She dances for Sanjay Kapoor because she has fallen in love with him. It could be the story of the boss and the employee, if he would have paid, but he didn’t. But despite her toughness, Kapoor couldn’t help but be impressed by her roaring moves and smoker, and it was thanks to Nadeem-Shravan’s understanding of the melody and the national anthem and tremendous success. The remix that happened 2 decades later is not as much as pulsing.

2. Chunari Chunari – BV No. 1 (1999)

Sushmita Sen's birthday

This verse was just you. The boss was a man and the employee was a woman. Well, not exactly the employee but Sen played a model with whom he is under contract Salman KhanOf the company. The song comes after his wife discovered his infidelity. Both Khan and Sen danced recklessly to the beat of this much loved song with a touch of Punjabi flavor. Chunari has always been lucky for Salman, history says.

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3. Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha- Mein Hoon Na (2004)

Sushmita Sen's birthday

The world says that Sushmita Sen has never looked as spectacular as Farah Khan’s directorial debut. After falling in love with her employee (Sanjay Kapoor) and her boss (Salman Khan), she now found herself falling for a student, even though she was 10 years older (Shahrukh Khan). There is a wonderful moment in the film where Amrita Rao says that her Ram (SRK) is bigger than her. He is embarrassed and says he is still his student. The way Farah Khan performed his songs was just as spectacular, especially this one. A classroom set has been created where Khan and Sen romance and set the screen on fire. It is sensual but never global. He knows how to cheer and give a title, but without resorting to free skin shows.

4. Prem Rog – Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (2005)

Sushmita Sen's birthday

A singer who is an actor should also be happy. This is a song that brings back memories of watching actors dance to their heart’s content. Sen showed an impressive effect for David Dhawan’s film Come Come Madi, but the actress’s notoriety for signing her for a film and not justly exploiting her instant presence. The orange sari looks lucky for Bollywood, and from Mohra to Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, the legacy continues.

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