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Krishna Abhishek on Govinda: I had a ga relationship with him, animosity has affected me badly

Govinda and Krishna Abhishek’s relationship was strained while the latter joked about how he kept the P te actor as his uncle. It’s been almost four years and the cards have yet to be settled. In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Hero No. 1 actor was the guest and Abhishek went missing.

In an interview with Times India f India, He said of his absence, how a strong relationship with him Govinda And how hostility has affected him badly. He said, “I found out about Chi Chi Mama coming to the show about 10 days ago. Since Sunita Mami was not with her, the team thought that my acting would not be suitable. However, this incident has left a bad taste in me. “

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He added, “Last year, she didn’t want me to perform against her, but this time, I got a reservation. I had a ga relationship with Mama, and I was badly affected by the animosity. While the relationship between the two people is strained, It’s hard to mediate. Besides, Mama can offend my jokes. “

Abhishek also revealed How his twins were called when he was in the hospital and how there was no response from his side. He declared, “They didn’t even come to see my twins in the hospital, even when no one was fighting for their lives, I didn’t call them, but there was no response. How long can I try to resolve our issue?” Issues that are based on stupid misunderstandings! “

He added, “Of course, it hurts, but if he doesn’t want to see me, I don’t want to meet him either. Only Kapil can reconcile the differences between us. However, we don’t repeat celebrities. So easily. So, I think this will only happen in 2021. “

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