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know about home remedies of ajwain water | Celery water is a panacea for these diseases, learn how to consume

new Delhi: These days, due to lifestyle, the problem of high blood pressure is found in most people. The main reason for high BP is irregular routines and disorganized eating. Apart from this, the problem of high blood pressure is found more in those people who do not exercise any kind and eat more fatty food in the diet, due to which the blood circulation in their muscles starts to get affected.

Apart from this, many times, along with heart blockage, small blockages start in other parts of the body, due to which the blood pressure starts to increase. So we are going to tell you some home remedies, by which you can get controlled on high BP. One such home recipe is Ajwain Water. By the way, celery is very effective in many physical problems. Celery water works as a medicine for heart patients, it controls high BP and also reduces cholesterol.

To consume celery water, first soak clean celery in a cup of water overnight. In the morning, boil this water with celery well for 20 minutes. After this, the color of the water will change in some time. If you want to taste, you can add some lemon in it. After this, drink this water every morning in the morning. This can benefit the body in many ways.

Effective in digestion
Celery flavor is very hot. Drinking its water brings heat to the body, which helps to digest food. Celery water can be very beneficial for people who have problems like indigestion, gas, constipation and acidity. Celery water also helps in cleaning the small and large intestine properly.

Beneficial for heart patients
High BP or heart disease is caused by increasing cholesterol in most people and cholesterol in the body increases due to poor lifestyle and fatty diet. When cholesterol increases in the body, blood starts to thicken and this increases pressure on the heart and blood circulating muscles. In this case, celery water can be beneficial. Due to its warm effect, heat increases in the muscles, which improves blood circulation.

Celery water tea is beneficial
Heart health is good by taking tea of ​​celery water. To make tea, add a little green tea and lemon to the celery water, then boil it and consume it, it can help reduce obesity. Since celery has anti-oxidant properties, it is more beneficial for heart patients.

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There is a significant amount of omega 3 fatty acids in celery, which is extremely beneficial for both heart and brain health. It reduces bad cholesterol in the body and supplies important nutrients to the brain.

Celery tea has the ability to prevent brain tumors. Apart from this, fiber is also found in it, which is beneficial for heart patients.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)



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