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Kehande Rehande: Neha Bhasin becomes first Indian singer to sing against cyber bullying

Singer Neha Bhasin is all set to respond to the reactionary mind and cyber bullies with her upcoming track ‘Kehande Rehande’. After confronting the nasty, rude behavior on troll lines, he has dedicated himself to presenting a song with a strong message.

The strong, effective track that has now come out is a debate on issues such as squatting, sexism, cyber bullying and keeping women confined to decent standards of society. Take a look here:

The multi-talented singer, who has become the voice of youngsters with her elegant music, believes it is time to remedy the way society treats women.

“Kehande Rehande is my way of exposing racism, prejudice and shame in our society every day, every minute, on the line and offline. It needs to be heard out loud and clear by those who support the ideology needed by man. Women need to stay within the limits of ‘tradition’ in order to be accepted. It is time that we set foot. Through my music, I intend to reach every corner and corner that gives shelter to these mindsets. “

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