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Kapil Sharma’s name is on the hands of singer Oye Kunal, he is here

Singer Oye Kunal is fond of new tattoos. However, one tattoo is out. It is the name of comedian Kapil Sharma who has Shahi on his right hand. Explaining the reason behind Kay Kunal’s love and respect for Kapil, he said: “There was a stage in my life when my father was suffering from many health issues. I had never seen my father sick before. Now he is fit and well. My home environment at that time. It was very monstrous and dark. So, in an environment where people did not talk to each other easily at home, Kapil Sharma’s show was on television. “

“We were watching her shows, running again. Her shows continued and the atmosphere at home began to change. With the laughter of her shows, the positivity at home began to return. By that time my father also started responding to drugs.” And at that point. I never knew I would meet Kapil Paji. I wanted to get a tattoo of his name, but I never really got it. “Oye Kunal also arranged a meeting of his father with Kapil.

“Eventually I came to Mumbai but I never really got it. Still the idea was always in my mind. After a while I met Kapil Paji and we had a good relationship. This tattoo reminds me of the reality of my life. Dad made me meet Kapil Paji, I felt like I have achieved everything in life. This was the only happy moment for me. I also showed Kapil Paji a tattoo and he was amazed. This is my way “to show him love and respect, “I got a tattoo last year,” said Oye Kunal.

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