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Kangana Ranaut’s new poem ‘Aasmaan’ is about love and longing for summer

Kangna Ranaut took a break on the channel to her inner poet for the time ka inner va in solitude to her angry cries on social media. The actor’s hometown is Manali where the temperature has started to drop and the mountains are covered with snow. Kangs reminded me of the warmth of the sun.

In May he wrote a poem called Sky. He shared a video reading a poem about the vastness of the sky. “I wrote the poem this summer and shot it, as winter is reminiscent of the sky,” he wrote while sharing the video on Twitter.

In this clip, Kangana is seen enjoying summer in the mountains and sleeping in Kangana grass. She can also be seen enjoying her time in the mountains and warming herself in front of the fireplace.

She also posted pictures of her home in Manali while talking about the changing seasons.

“In the spring this garden was at its full glory, the bees, the butterflies suck the nectar of life, in the rain, it sheltered the insects / reptiles, in the autumn it is dying, the bone-cooling snow will soon cover it, but under it it will long As long as it continues, spring will come again, ”she wrote with a picture of her garden.

“A picture of the same part of the garden last winter, only the skeletons of these trees / plants will die, they will die and be reborn, no season is permanent, if death is inevitable then there is life, this garden will be,” he writes with another photograph of the garden. “It will be ruined every time, but it will grow every time.”

On the work front, Kangna Ranaut will now be seen in Tejas. Kang’s fighter in the Tejas plays the role of a pilot. The 201st Air was the first among the country’s defense forces to involve Indian Air Force women in combat roles. The film draws inspiration from a landmark event.

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