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Juhi Parmar on Hamariwali Good News: In the 40’s, it is unthinkable for a woman to conceive a child.

To Juhi Parmar, It made no sense for her to allow us to have good news. Although the show faces an unconventional theme – an elderly couple decides to have children for their son and daughter-in-law – the actor believes he explores the beautiful ways of motherhood.

“The show goes beyond the idea of ​​a woman conceiving a child in the 40’s. It’s a novel and inspiring concept. Motherhood is the best gift for a woman, but it has to be her decision. As described, the father-in-law has decided to endure a nine-month pregnancy and will hand over her child to the daughter-in-law.Shakti Anand shows the role of the father-son and her husband in the family drama.

In the story where the senior couple revives their romance after many decades of marriage, where the story is, Anand says that the show also aims to challenge the social pressure on women. “The story is real, enhanced by adding the color of drama and comedy. It highlights many aspects of human relationships – it doesn’t just show how parents go to any lengths for their children. [but also reflects] Improper pressure on women. She is expected to be a perfect mother, take care of the family and is also excellent on a professional basis. “

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Chiming in, Parmar – a single mother screen f screen – adds how moms often feel guilty when they spend long hours working away from children. “I feel guilty, but she has nothing to do with society. I feel bad for not being with my daughter. However, over time, I realized that one day, she will be proud of my independence. [streak] And follow in my footsteps. “

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