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In Gujarat, a vehicle cannot be driven beyond such a speed limit

Many people drive at full speed on the roads of cities or villages. Driving at high speeds can be dangerous. At that time, people driving at full speed on the highways would be alert because the speed limit for driving has been fixed by the state government. A notification has been issued by the state Department of Transportation in this regard. As per the decision of the state government, it will no longer be possible to drive at a speed of more than 120 kmph in the state. Importantly, different speed limits have been set for different vehicles.

According to the report, the speed limit on express highways in the state has been fixed at 120 kmph. The speed limit has been fixed at 100 kmph on national highways, 80 kmph on state highways, 65 kmph on municipal urban roads and 50 kmph on rural roads.

In addition, a speed limit of 80 kmph has been fixed on the express highway for freight vehicles. The speed limit has been fixed at 80 kmph on national highways, 70 kmph on state highways, 60 kmph on urban municipal roads and 40 kmph on rural roads.

The speed limit for two-wheelers on the National Highway has been fixed at 80 kmph. Speed ​​has been fixed at 70 kmph on state highways, 60 kmph on municipal urban roads and 50 kmph on rural roads.

It is to be mentioned that accidents due to over speed also occur. A vehicle traveling at full speed does not brake in time and an accident occurs with the oncoming vehicle and some people lose their lives due to the accident. The purpose of reducing the number of accidents on the road is also to set a speed limit. In which the speed limit is fixed less due to the overcrowding on the city roads, the speed limit is kept high due to the overcrowding of highways and express highways.


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