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Gujarat has the highest number of drug users as compared to 5 states including Maharashtra-Tamil Nadu

How and to what extent the ban on alcohol is being enforced in the state of Gujarat comes from the consignment of liquor seized from time to time. But in the last five years, the state’s drug addicts have become addicted not only to alcohol but also to drugs. The issue of drugs is also under discussion in the country now. The real picture of the drug business getting drug connections from Bollywood is becoming clear.

Gujarat in the top list
MD drugs worth crores of rupees have been seized from Gujarat for the last one month. One of them is from Surat, which has come up against a high profile drugs scandal. Despite the ban on alcohol in the state, most alcohol cases are registered in the police books. Last year’s data released by the National Crime Records Bureau is shocking. Gujarat is in the top list of the highest number of liqueur narcotics cases in the country. Gujarat has the highest number of cases as compared to Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. There are 83156 such cases in Maharashtra and 151281 in Tamil Nadu. While alcohol is banned in Gujarat. There are a total of 241715 cases reported for drug use. According to last year’s data report from the National Crime Records Bureau, 102,153 cases were registered in 19 cities across the country under Liquor and Narcotics. The highest number of cases were reported from Surat, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

Top 5 states
There are 5386 drug cases in Delhi, 7925 in Chennai and 14051 in Mumbai. The highest number of 23977 cases were registered in Surat and 20782 cases in Ahmedabad under Liquor and Narcotics Drugs. The state has a ban on alcohol. On the other hand, the figures in last year’s statistics report are shocking and worrying. The state has the highest number of cases registered under the Liquor and Narcotics Drugs Act. In the top 5 cases against drug abuse, 29,252 cases were reported in Kerala, 49,182 in Bihar, 83,156 in Maharashtra and 151,281 in Tamil Nadu last year. Gujarat has the highest number of cases reported in these five states. There are 241715 cases registered under Liquor and Narcotics Drugs in Gujarat. The trend of MD drug has increased a lot in many areas of Ahmedabad. Some people are also physically abusing young women by trapping them in this drug addiction. A young woman with a master’s degree has also fallen prey to this drug.

Slave of intoxication
A man enslaved the young woman to drugs. She was also willing to hand over the body to the drug addicts. When the Bajrang Dal activists came to know about this, two other young women including a young woman were also rescued from the trap. Currently, the three young women have given up drugs and are living with their families. When a young woman has returned to her home. On the other hand, a big connection of high profile drugs has also come up from Surat.


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