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Gokuldhamio chip to boost the morale of Tarak Mehta Ka Oltah Chashma Mah Poktlal

In the next episode of Tarak Mehta Ka Oltah Chashma (TMKOC) of Neela Film Productions Pvt Ltd will make a personal effort to help every Popatlal of Gokuldham Society to face the loss of their jobs. Losing a job is a double whammy for Popatlal who knows that without a job he is less likely to find a suitable bride. Overall, Popatlal seems very low and his absence from Abdul’s soda shop makes it clear to everyone that he really needs to boost morale. The men’s team decides to help Popatlal to feel as good as he can.


Popatlal has made up his mind that losing a job will not hurt him forever, especially when everyone in the society is trying to promote him. A few days after the onset of pessimism, Popatlal decided to look at things with optimism and do whatever he could to find the right job. First, he decided to enlist the help of Tarak Mehta in updating his resume. He reaches out to Tarak Mehta, who is more than happy to help Popatlal.


After the update, he goes to every house of the Gokuldham Society and, with a big smile on his face, gives them a copy of his resume. He lets everyone know how much he means to them and thanks them for being with him when he doesn’t feel very good about himself.

Next, he tells everyone that if they hear about starting a job for an experienced journalist, it starts again. In the meantime, he also decides to actively seek to keep himself occupied so that he can keep his mind from any negative thoughts. And what he does will amaze everyone! But, to find out exactly what it does, the next episode of Neela Film Productions Pvt Ltd’s show Tarak Mehta Ka Oltah Chashmah will air only on SB from Monday to Friday at 8.30pm. TV

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