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Faizal Khan on breaking Aamir Khan’s shadow: Why doesn’t Faizal Khan’s brother Aamir write? | Bollywood Life

Faisal Khan recently opened up about resentment with his family members, especially his elder brother Aamir Khan. The relationship soured when his family realized he had depression and paranoid schizophrenia. He claimed that his family kept him under house arrest for a year and gave him illegal drugs. And going through emotional turmoil, the long-forgotten Faisal is ready to return with his director’s first factory. The actor-turned-director said that he did not take any help from Aamir and wanted to break the shadow of his brother. READ ALSO – Trending Entertainment News Today: Arrest of Riya Chakraborty, Legal Notice of Kangana Ranaut, Tenet B on Office Fees

“No, I didn’t get any help from Aamir, I didn’t even listen to the script of the film he made. And I didn’t need any help because I went through this process. Reached third assistant and first assistant, then I acted in many films, I watched TV. I have gone through the whole grind. Even with Aamir, when I joined his production house, I was reading the scripts. The experience I have gained from my early supporting days till now, I have put in this film, so I have nothing. So there is no need to rely on Aamir because ultimately he needs to have a vision that the director has. And I don’t want to take any inputs from anyone; I wanted to hear the project myself, “Faisal Khan told TUI in an interview. Also read – Aamir Khan’s brother Faizal Khan reveals Karan Johar insulted him at a party; He was forcibly given the wrong drugs and kept under house arrest for a year

Expressing displeasure at being written as Aamir Khan’s brother, Faisal asked, “Why doesn’t anyone write him as Faisal Khan’s brother Aamir?” “It’s a hit, it’s my baby, whether it’s a flop or not, it’s my baby. I don’t let anyone make decisions, ultimately as a director, you have to make your own decisions. Also, how does a person make their own identity I have my own struggles. How can I break out of them. How can Faisal Khan break the shadow of Aamir Khan? Why doesn’t anyone write him as Faisal Khan’s brother Aamir? “The whole system needs a big change,” he added. Also read – Muskan Kataria-Faisal Khan Sneha Wala on Fiasco: I don’t understand why anyone wants publicity using my name

Faisal was shocked when he prepared to take legal action against his family for his misconduct. In 2007, Faisal was reported missing for two days, several days after a complaint was lodged against Aamir for keeping him confined at home due to alleged mental illness. He was found in Pune and brought back to Mumbai and underwent medical examination at JJ Hospital for 20 days. It was then that Faisal was found to be mentally fit.

He said reports of his mental health condition and the legal battle against his family had affected his career. He said he had a difficult time taking on roles because people were not ready to meet him.

“It affected my career for a while because going through a legal case where someone thinks you’re mental and the world thinks you’re mental, not right in the head – people were afraid to work with me. Asking for, I wasn’t considering direction yet at the time, but I was acting because that’s what I’ve learned and that’s what I’ve been doing all my life. But I had a hard time getting roles. People weren’t ready to meet me in the industry. So I had to face it all. Eventually, I also realized that when I get in the direction it will be an exciting task. Luckily it will work for me. Now that I have crossed over and directed the film, I need someone for my mental health. There is no need for approval. They think what they want, the world thinks what they think, it doesn’t affect me. Ultimately my work speaks for itself and that’s it, “he said.

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