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Fabulous Lives Web Review of Bollywood Wives – Insta on TV, Numerous?

On: Netflix
Cast: Mahip Kapoor, Neelam, Bhavna Pandey, Seema Khan
Rating: Can’t

Don’t get me wrong: I’ll check the number of viewers with Netflix, if they want to share, for this show (two minutes counts as a view). Because you will see this secretly in many secret ways. And instead of just getting a snooty on social-media, I’d tell him to act like he has a potential audience – just after the trailer fell. As if, left to themselves, they meditate on the Tarkovsky and Terence Malik classics at home.

For those who don’t like the above, I’ll let you know for a moment in this semi-scripted documentary series, which clearly ignores ratings, that’s why you don’t click on it and go, WTF ?! That’s what it is. Means depicting the supposed fabulous lives of Bollywood wives, namely Mahep Kapoor, Bhavna Pandey, Seema Khan, and Neelam – whose husbands Sanjay Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Sohail Khan, were once the main men of Bollywood.

Neelam (with actor husband Sameer Soni) was of course a star in her own right in the ’80s /’ 90s. What do you know about this ‘anti social’? That spirit is “spiritual”, boundary, “mouth-to-mouth” (mouth to mouth), which is similar to Mahip, “what it says, it is like”, while the sapphire, which describes this description, is a little more protected . “

This is basically a BFF that has been going on for decades. They run boutique businesses. We are unsure about their balance sheets. But if additional trolling on Insta, or what to pack for the holiday, is really their main concern – guess, at least for the public, they are performing well in life.

Check out the trailer of Bollywood Wives’ Fabulous Lives here:

The series follows them around group activities. Just as Cosmetically cleans Spring Beach, as our Prime Minister does. Or, like Sex and the City 2 (2010), set in Abu Dhabi-set l-girls trip, in Doha, stuck together. This is where they get excited about discount sales: “60% off, it’s like a dream.” I’m sorry there’s no fabulous life, bobs, stop it; You sound like us!

When they are in Bombay, the marrow, of course, can be kept indoors, in their homes, or in the most accessible restaurants / lounges, such as the Crab Ministry, Estella, Earth, Foodhall, all the little giggles of the street. Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny

Well, is this recklessness quite infamous, degenerate / druggy Bollywood, as a place of lifestyle – as opposed to a film-making industry – which detractors often play? Huh, unless you overuse the fact that Chunky Pandya rushes to the face loo every few minutes! No, where is the female equivalent of the fabulous life of Wall Street Wolf? Totally looking at how this series can become a franchise though done exactly, it’s basically Instagram on TV.

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These women on screen are really brave to show up, knowing they’ll be more easily snatched up on social media – if they don’t like it in their own social peers. What else do you immediately notice about them? His accents, what it is – a strange combination of soho and sobo, sometimes sizzling fast in Saki Naka! Blame it on me, I believe; Who makes the best of us slightly / conscious.

But it is in this series that real housewives (New York / Orange County / Atlanta), or basketball wives, etc. are formed – kindly, as I first imagined, Vannabase is not entirely about being empty. Or even from the outside, appropriate action / judgment on a polite, humble society, which sees potential / ambiguity from within. It’s genre in fact. In the interest of strict hit-complex journalism known as the Daily Darlings (on Zee TV) – I saw the first, slightly obscure Indian effort!

Only Karan Johar, a mainstream filmmaker, and a man about the city – simultaneously scattered in multiple concentric social circles – could have pulled these formal formal eyes into the culture, formerly known as Page 3, if Johar played the role of Bigg Boss. However, set in the same neighborhood with a series of prominent leading cameos, the show on Netflix’s Masaba Masaba’s high heels, Johar’s chat show, Coffee With Karan is close to the reality TV version.

Surprisingly, the real charm (behind the scenes) of BTS comes only from Super Gilliab and Silver-speaking Shahrukh Khan, making the final 20-30 minutes worth 270 minutes. Gauri, the wife of SRK, is the queen of these women who have lunch. What else did I learn more about?

‘Le Bal’ in Paris (another Hindi word for hair), where children between the ages of 16 and 20 from the royalty / arts enter. [high] Society ‘; Whatever. In Tezab, Anupam Kher won the award for Best Supporting Actor for his film Chunky on Vijay – and still everyone takes Filmfare seriously!

And, oh, I still have a childhood crush on Sapphire. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Her husband (Samir Soni) is the fact that everyone, stuck in the giggles close to his girlfriends / husband / wife, which has nothing to contribute, but is also mandatory there, night after night. Well this echo!

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