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easiest ways to lose weight just these things will have to be made for diet]. [वजन घटाने के ये तरीके हैं सबसे आसान, बस डाइट के लिए इन चीजों का बनाना होगा रूटीन]

new Delhi: If you worry about weight, how to lose weight. So you don’t have to worry too much. You cannot lose weight even by having heavy exercise and fast. You just need to do all this, which we are going to tell you right now. You will have to do a balance routine that you can follow for your diet.

To lose weight in a balanced way, it is important that you keep the ratio of everything right in your food. At the same time, some things, which are beneficial for the stomach, you should especially eat them. Such as boiled vegetables, fermented foods and some herbs. All these things do not allow fat (obesity) to accumulate in the body, which keeps your weight balanced and the body healthy. We will tell you about 5 such things, by balancing food, you can reduce your weight easily (Diet Plan for Weight Loss).

Balance these 5 things in food
1. Balance of Fat
Fat also provides many benefits for the body. Due to fat, your skin remains healthy and you do not grow old quickly. At the same time, fat is also necessary for some tissues. Therefore, you do not have to remove oil and ghee from your diet, but instead use their healthy options. For this, you can use avocado, coconut and olive oil.

2. Fermented foods (yeast items)
People are asked to eat fermented foods with the aim of strengthening the immune system and improving digestion. Fermentation is the process in which any food item breaks down into a simple substance. Fungus and bacteria are microorganisms that play a major role in this process. Both these microorganisms play an important role in keeping the metabolism right. These act as probiotics for the stomach and by keeping the digestive system active, it prevents the accumulation of fat, which is naturally necessary for weight loss. For this you can eat stale rice with tofu and starch,

3. Healthy seeds
Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds all help in reducing belly fat fast. You can make them smooth by soaking them and you can also eat them by making snacks.

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4. Healthy Nuts
Healthy nuts are called things like almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts. You must include them in your diet. Nuts are rich in fiber, vitamins, protein, fat and minerals, which help in reducing weight and reducing fat easily (Reduce Belly Fat).

5. Balance of Spices and Herbs
Spices and herbs are very helpful for weight loss. For this, you can use gluten-free spices, flaxseed, cinnamon, cumin, fennel, basil, cardamom, fenugreek, garlic, mint and mustard.

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