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Delhi Crime Director Richie Mehta: The show is not about crime; People about to solve it

He may have been inducted into the Hall of Fame last week, but Richie Mehta says little has changed since then. “I’m the only person who has an endless love for the holes in my socks and the croissants. Nothing has changed since the win; just thank you,” begins the producer-director. Delhi Crime, which was named Best Drama Series At the 48th International Emmy Awards.

Let’s take it back to the big night, and Mehta vividly remembers the tension in the air – he was in the digital waiting room and the presenter attended the virtual awards ceremony just seconds before the two magic words “Delhi Crime” were announced. The winner. “It took a while to sink,” says the London-based Canadian writer-director. Then a flurry of congratulatory calls. “The first call was from my parents, then from my in-laws. Then we celebrated the call with the producers, the cast and the crew. When I called Shefali [Shah], She was still going OMG! “Later in the night, wife Olivia and he celebrated with chocolate cookies.

Richie Mehta
Richie Mehta

Over the past few days, a section of netizens wondered how the country could celebrate the Emmy victory of its rooted series in the 2012 Delhi gangrape, which shook the country. Some social media users were annoyed that the ‘horrible night events’ have become a ‘moment of pride’ for India. Mehta says, “I don’t understand how people can say this. Either he hasn’t seen Delhi Crime or misunderstood it. The series is not about crime, but about people, especially women, trying to solve it. Doing it. It’s about humans fighting crime on the main human. The first episode is important to attract the audience, so I’m hooked on the story behind the characters. “

The second season of the crime drama is in line, but Mehta prefers to keep it hilarious. He is currently developing many scripts inspired by real life events. “I enjoy watching fun stuff, though, so I will continue to write on those topics. He admits that the Emmy winner tag is making him work hard on his scripts.” Previously, I would have had at least 40-50 drafts, But now I spend more time researching and outlining. “

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