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Deepanita Sharma will make a comeback on television from the limited series Rudrakal

After impressing audiences with her powerful performances in films and TV shows, versatile actress Dipanita Sharma is now all set to make a comeback on television with her time-honored favorite genre ‘Thriller’. Deepanita will be seen starring in the role of DCP officer’s wife Gayatri Chittoda in Star Plus’ next limited series Rudrakal.

On this note, popular actress Deepanita Sharma once again shares her enthusiasm for working in the Crime Investigative Thriller Drama series, saying that “Crime Investigative Thriller Drama is my all time favorite genre and why it was a major factor.” Very excited to be a part of ‘Rudrakal’. Over the years, I have done many films in the same genre, it has become my stronghold and strength today. This is something that makes me happy and excited to work.

He further added, “Rudrakala happens to be the first limited TV series in my career. I also bless myself for working on a project by Lockdown, which excites me completely, with its unique concept, role and style itself.”

Produced by Dashmi Productions, the new crime investigative thriller drama series ‘Rudrakaal’ is based on the story of an honest IPS officer, DCP Ranjan Chittoda, who was later brought in to investigate the murder of his former mentor, who later stumbled upon a conspiracy. Chaotic or chaotic. The show stars Bhanu Uday Goswami as DCP Ranjan Chittoda and Rudraksh Jaiswal as Anshuman Chittoda (Ranjan and Gayatri’s son).

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