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corona spread in delhi again random testing will start in delhi up border | Noida-Delhi border random corona testing questions, know the answers here

new Delhi: Corona is not taking the name of the havoc. Gradually, Delhi has started to take hold again, due to which the administration in Noida has started preparations at its level. Actually, thousands of people have to travel between Delhi and Noida every day. Due to which the Noida administration has also decided to take some precautionary steps. According to the information, in order to prevent coronavirus in the district, now random testing will be done on all the borders adjoining Noida in view of cross border infection.

We are giving a series of answers to all the questions that come to mind regarding the random corona testing on Noida Delhi border:

1. How are people being identified for the random test?
2. How long is it taking someone to stop and check?
3. How long will the corona report come and how will the result be known?
4. What problems will people face when being held for a test?
5. Will the infection not spread to the infected person if the report is delayed?

Along with random testing, the administration has taken many more important decisions under which the areas receiving more than one case will be declared as micro containment zones. Target sampling of the delivery boy, shopkeepers and rickshaw drivers will be done. Those going to Noida to Delhi will be specially monitored. With the arrival of 132 new patients in the district on Tuesday, the number of corona infected in Noida has crossed 20500. Among them, more than 19 thousand patients have become completely healthy.

Let me tell you, most new cases of Corona are coming out in Delhi itself. Showing you the reports of 8 cities for the month of November. In which 26.5% cases have increased in Delhi this month. Kolkata increased 16.6%, Surat 8.4%. This was followed by 8% in Ahmedabad, 6.4% in Bangalore, then 4.7% in Chennai, 4.2% in Mumbai and 2.5% in Corona cases in Pune this month.

Talk about those who died of corona, the death rate has increased the fastest in Delhi. Tells you the report of 8 cities in the month of November. The rate of death from corona in Delhi has increased by 18.5%. The death rate from Corona in Kolkata has increased by 12.1%. Then there is Pune at number three, where the death rate rose by 7.3%. 3.8% in Bengaluru. Death rate has increased by 3.7% in Chennai and 2.6% in Surat. The rate of death from corona has increased by 2.3% in Mumbai and then 2.1% in Ahmedabad.

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